Teneriffe Falls – December 2014

Teneriffe Falls

Teneriffe Falls


Hiking up the road

Hiking up the road

An afternoon hike. I left the city around 1pm, started the hike around 1:45. Reached top at 3. Sat by the falls and stared hike down at 3:20. To the bottom at 4:30. 6 miles which was short and easy.

Monday, December 8, 2014. Hike: Teneriffe Falls. Mileage: 6 miles. Elevation gain: 1420 feet. High Point: 2370 feet. 

On the right track

On the right track

The first two miles were more flat than up. I follow a forestry road for the first mile, then a gradual trail that eventually skirts the base of the slope for another mile, then a mile of switchbacks. I ran into 3 young guys and nobody else.

North Bend views from the switchbacks

North Bend views from the switchbacks

I prepared for cold and snow, but it was 55 in Seattle and not a speck of snow was to be found on the entire hike. Microspikes not necessary. Trail junctions are very obvious. The trail is green and smells like fall or spring or both. Skies partly cloudy, no threat of rain. Some views of the valley and North Bend before the switchbacks, then open sky and so much brighter.

Rocky switchbacks

Rocky switchbacks

Back into the woods for the falls. Lower falls first then real falls. 400 feet high! Several tiers. Water falling, tumbling over cliff. Pretty sweet. Snack on a cliff bar and drink cranapple hibiscus tea. Sun comes out and illuminates the falls. Break over.

Then down down down. With the sun lower, the sky was even prettier. Nice views of the valley. Down down dusk setting in. Back to the car around sunset. Home! Not much traffic. Tuna mac dinner.



The falls


More falls


Sun shining through the trees


Looking down the falls


Me at the falls


Water cascading. Nearly vertical




North Bend views on the way down






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