AZT Day -2: Food Prep


My food is boxed, a few packages are shipped, and I only messed up my resupply once already! Whoopsies. I guess a mistake was was bound to happen considering I’m cobbling together ideas from various other blogs, not looking at a good overview map, getting confused about precise mileage (since maps are designed for Northbound hikers, not southbound), and also had a little North Rim to South Rim Grand Canyon confusion. I think it’ll all work out…

My daily food will look something like this: hot breakfast, coffee, snacks and lunch – a handful of bars, tortilla and tuna, hot dinner, hot chocolate.

Breakfast is either sweet oatmeal (with fruit, nuts, seeds, milk or coconut milk powder, and maybe sugar or honey), savory oatmeal (with cheese powder, bacon or fake bacon bits, veggies, and spices), grits (also cheese powder, fake or real bacon bits, veggies, and spices), or ramen (with added veggies, sometimes tofu).

Coffee is instant Mt Hagen or Tasters Choice to which I’ll add milk or coconut milk powder, honey or sugar, and maybe hot chocolate powder if I’m feeling crazy.

Snacks are mostly fig bars or PB filled cliff bars with occasional variety (plantain chips, corn nuts, Skittles, M&M’s, PB filled pretzels, nuts, apricots, raisins, or jerky etc.).

Lunch (or biggest of the snacks) is a tortilla with a tuna packet, maybe olives. Sometimes pesto hummus.

Dinner is either bootleg bare burrito (beans and rice plus fixins), pasta or couscous with sauce and veggies, falafel with veggies and tortillas, broccoli cheese potato soup with veggies and bacon/fake bacon, pea soup with lamb jerky, Thanksgiving-on-the-trail, Curry spiced couscous with veggies, or something similar.

Other food items I will have: gummy vitamins, skratch (electrolyte powder), arnold palmer drink mix (tea + lemonade), and hot chocolate powder.

I’ll share some recipes in the future! Stay tuned for specifics.

I fly out tomorrow and hit the trail the following day!

(UPDATE: How did my food work on trail? Find out HERE)

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