Lena Lake, May 2019

My folks, Nancy and Charlie, along with cousin Kristy came out to visit Jared and me at our home on Vashon Island. Thanks for the visit, fam! Being early May (much snow at at most elevations) and on an island (thereby not super close to many hikes) we decided to take a leisurely 7.2 mile roundtrip hike to somewhat nearby Lena Lake in the Hood Canal region of the Olympic Peninsula (maybe a 2 1/2 hour drive for us each way).

The high point was 2000 feet and the gain 1300 feet. N&C and Kristy regularly crush the New Hampshire 4000-footers in spring, summer, fall, and winter, so this lil’ hike was a breeze. Charlie might even call it a “knoll”.

The hike was gentle and tree-filled. Some waterfalls and streams. And the lake sure was perty! We spied freshwater oyster shells on the shore of lower Lena Lake. Were we hallucinating? It was a nice walk with the family, a good time to chat and catch up and learn about Kristy’s latest goings-on. This is also the route to climb the prominent 6800+ foot Brothers which sounds intriguing – not something I could do right now but certainly something to dream about for another day…

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