Dog Mountain, May 2019

Jared and I found ourselves in Hood River OR, on the way to Bend, in mid-May. So we hiked Dog Mountain. 6 miles roundtrip. 2800 feet of gain. A high point at 2948 feet. It was a niceish day. A bit clouded in, some rain, and very, very windy on the mountain. The clouds parted on our way down for some great views of the Columbia River Valley. Spring flowers were in full yellow bloom. We originally thought we might make a go for Augsburger Trail – which would have been 15.5 miles roundtrip, 4400 ft of gain and a high point of 3000 feet – but upon discovering the wind and getting rained on, compounded with the fact that Jared forgot to pack a jacket of any kind and only had a rain kilt-as-cape, we opted for the shorter hike. A swell hike though! Plenty of other people out there on a Saturday. We ran down the trail. And we discovered that with all our extra time we could consume a lot of food, beer, and cider. On a clear day, it would be sweet to hike all the way to Augsburger for the excellent Mt Adams views.

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