The Enchantments

Great group of seven, mountain goats, alpine lakes, high elevation, residual snow in mid-July. 21ish miles. 4 days, 3 nights. Finally scored a core zone permit.

Heidi, Jose, Mark, Sam, Tyler, Jared, me. Forested path to switchbacks to misty camp and Lake Colchuck. Abandoned bell pepper and trail beer. Green bean. Whiskey and wine. Foil pouch foods. Bare burrito.

Turquoise waters. Boulder field scramble. Aggressive sun. Aasgard pass, steep slopes, hard to follow, class 4 bits, tiny snow crossing, goat family, lakes and snow. So rewarding. Cloud cover. Chilliness. Snack breaks. Tuna and olives and cheese. View points. Exposed backcountry toilet. Camp in the goat zone. All day rosé. Jim jam the friendly goat.

Morning yoga on the rock with Heidi and Sam. Busy Saturday. Laze about. Minor exploring. Downhill. Goats and snow. Boot ski. Butt ski. More mosquitos. Male goat. Snack break. Breathtaking lakes. One more high alpine view, drop down the ledges to Snow Lake. Steep descent. Back into the trees. Giant jewel toned lake. First good campsite. Almost private peninsula. Relax. Eat. Out of fuel. Setting sun.

Last morning up and at em. Jared and Mark ahead. Biscuits and gravy. Past the last of the lower alpine lakes and down down down. Boulder field. Sweet onion macadamias. Girl time, life talk. Don’t be deceived by the alluring parking lot views. 2pm finish. River soak, Rainiers. Bumperto bumper. Snoqualmie semi-celebration at Commonwealth and Dru Bru.

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