AT NY-NH Day 25

Fri, Aug 23
Miles: 19.9+0.4=20.3
Starting/ending: 1720.3-1740.2

Start at the Lookout. A pretty sunrise. I stay on the porch in my sleeping bag. Oatmeal and coffee. On trail before 7:30. Winturri Shelter for water and privvy along with Socks, Tales, Mountain Laurel, and Baltar. Ups and downs east across Vermont.

After 5 miles a pitstop at the On The Edge Farmstand, blueberry pastry and cherry tomatoes for me. A gathering spot for hikers – Tales, Socks, Sorchi, Faceplant, Buttcheeks, Mad Max, Double D, etc. Water at a stream. Up and down. Another 5 miles to the Back Porch, a sweet snackstand hosted by recent former thru-hikers Loon and Firefly who have a toddler and another on the way. I eat a giant $2 brownie. Tales, Socks, Mountain Laurel, Baltar, and No Hitch gather. We chat with Loon. I pick basil from their garden.

9 miles to go at almost 4 pm. Gotta go. Some energy. Run into a sluggish Supervisor. Leapfrog with others. A few quick snacks. At last at the trail angels house at 7:30 where we all plan to stay. A kinda dirty bunk area so I plan to sleep outside. Here is Tales, Socks, Sorchi, Mountain Laurel, Baltar, Mad Max, and Double D. Dinner. PBR. Hanover tomorrow. Sleep.

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