This blog originally started as I, Jean, and bf Jared embarked on our 2014 Pacific Crest Trail trek and decided to co-write about our experience. Since then the posts have evolved to follow my hikes in Washington, Vermont, Arizona, etc. Also trail food recipes, a few pieces of gear I’ve made, hiking thoughts.

We’re planning to test our sanity and more with a 3 month-long hike along the Pacific Crest Trail.  Beginning in Campo, CA on the border between the US and Mexico, they will make their way to somewhere near Lake Tahoe – 1200 miles, give or take.

Why are we doing this?  Glad you asked – there’s a whole post about it here (soon!).  The short answer is that the goal is to go for a good long walk, see some amazing sights, have a great time, throw in a transformative life experience or two, and test the strength of both their relationship and their willpower. The journey begins in early May, with a nice 100 degree stroll through the deserts of Southern California and into the high snowy Sierras. Some time in early August, they will finish their walk near Lake Tahoe and hopefully get a burger and a massage somewhere.  We get back home to Seattle just in time for a little reacclimation-to-society-meets-total-culture-shock at the Arcade Fire concert at the Gorge in Eastern Washington.

With any luck, this blog chronicles the trials and tribulations of their PCT journey, and will hopefully keep our friends/family/loved ones informed of our progress and thoughts along the way.  Thanks for checking it out!

I live on Vashon Island outside of Seattle, with husband Jared, currently. In the past I’ve lived in Utah, Seattle, the New Hampshire seacoast, Boston, Western Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and the New Hampshire White Mountains. I got my MS in Earth Science Geochemistry from the University of New Hampshire and BS in Environmental Geology from Beloit College in Wisconsin. In the past I’ve half-pursued a life in outdoor gear design and development, apparel design, and beer brewing and have worked a host of jobs from environmental consulting to working in a sawmill, sales and visual merchandising at REI Seattle Flagship to selling holiday cards at the Vashon Farmers Market, barista to bartacking ULA packs.

Right now I’m spending most of my time idling, sewing, cooking, running and walking the nearby trails, writing, improving internal the appearance of our geodesic dome home, working on a terraced garden, and cooking.

Sunrise at Camp Muir, PCT 2014

One thought on “About

  1. Jean and Jared,
    It was a great pleasure to meet you on the trail at kearsarge Pass. I felt like we really shared a connection and I hope to further that by hosting you in Tucson some day. I believe that Jared and I may share an additional connection, as I was a grad student in astrophyics, and worked as an astronomer several decades ago in New Mexico. I have strong connections in the “U” district in Seattle and hope we can meet for a hike around Green Lake someday.
    Take care, and congratulations on a tremendous hike.

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