Sources for ultralight and lightweight gear:

Zpacks, And Zpacks materials from which you can make all the ultralight gear you can dream of, Six Moon DesignsGossamer Gear, ULA, Mountain Laurel DesignsElemental Horizons, Enlightened Equipment, Feathered Friends, …

Pacific Crest Trail Links:

Resources: – Halfmile’s Maps – PCT maps, apps, GPS data, etc. – Pacific Crest Trail Association – folks who take care of the PCT and have tons of resources for planning a trip – Guthook’s PCT app is great for on-trail navigation – US Forest Service PCT general info – Yogi’s Guide is a must! – PCT 3-Second Thru-Hike video. Watch it! – Craig’s PCT planner – calculator and tips

Articles: – Smithsonian 2013 article – yes, we have heard of the book. but no, that’s not why we’re hiking the trail.

Other blogs: – Mike Henrick’s blog 2013. Thanks for the tips Mike – Carrot Quinn has a great, interesting, detailed PCT blog from her hike this year and last – Wired’s blog. Her pretty well known and nicely detailed account of a 2011 hike

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